How to Study

Here are some study skills I learnt in college:

1) Motivation:

Study depends on motivation. One has to know deep inside, that this time and hard work is an investment in one’s future. This mindset itself will solve a lot of problems like: procrastination, stress, and dependence on others. Without motivation to study, you will always have something more fun and enjoyable to do. 

2) Time:

It is necessary to give a fixed time to study daily. There might be days when you won’t feel like studying; if you are not well motivated, everyday you will find a reason not to study. Skirting off studying will only lead to more burden. The added stress won’t be helpful. To succeed one has to start studying from day one.

3) Evaluation:

A student bemoaning to me “I studied daily, yet I failed in my finals. Another classmate of mine only studied in the end, and he got an A”. Studying is a two-step process: studying and evaluation. It is essential to know from the beginning of any topic, that you are going to be evaluated. This evaluation thinking leads to an active studying process. You can read books cover-to-cover and get no benefit if you study without evaluation mindset. Due to this, students often waste hours on a topic, only to have a shallow understanding.

4) Control your Stress:

Moderate stress helps in studying. Don’t be lax or take on too much stress. Too much stress will cause a kind of studying-paralysis.

5) Sleeping Habit:

Inadequate sleep will decrease your ability to think and remember. This specifically affects Maths. When studying, specially for subjects with numerical problems, make sure you have had enough sleep. Also, don’t study such subjects late into the night, because this extra effort is completely futile as your brain won’t be able to solve problems.

6) Caffeine intake:

Caffeine will only give you a short burst of energy, but in the end, it will leave you fatigued. Don’t take caffeinated drinks 6 hours before sleep as it delays sleeping time and will affect next day’s performance.

 7) Mental Health:

If you have some problem, like depression, it is best to deal with the condition. Studying will only worsen the symptoms. Also, your life holds more importance than studies, so make sure you have good physical and mental health.

8) Don’t be overwhelmed

Studying is important, but don’t let it override your life. Enjoy your life, play sports, have fun with friends, relax with your hobbies. If you have a wholesome life, studying will be easier. Also, in the end you won’t regret missing out on world around you.