How to Survive High School

High School. These two words strike fear in the hearts of some people while invoking memories of the glory days in others. During these years teenagers are figuring life out, going through puberty, and trying to find your place in it all. Throw all of these people together in a single building complex and you have yourself an entire culture.


The very first step to surviving high school is to relax. Take a deep breath. I mean a really deep breath. Often times people get caught up in the drama of life and lose sight of the big picture. By forcing yourself to relax it’s easier to put things into perspective.

This is also a very important step for those in romantic relationships during high school. This is one of the single most ridiculed practices in our society because high school drama is ridiculous and we all know it. Don’t’ get caught up into being super emotional because some girl or guy doesn’t like you back. Learn to like yourself for who you are and this usually won’t be too big a problem for you.

Get Organized

One of the biggest stress causers in students is their lack or organization. Tests, papers, and projects are all very common things in high school and if you’re not on your toes they can quickly overwhelm you. Having a big project is one of the most common times that students procrastinate.

To combat this try starting a day planner in which you write down due dates and just a general overview of what you are doing in your classes. You will be eternally grateful that you knew and studied for the biggest test of the year a few years from now when colleges are reviewing your application.

Have Fun

No I’m not saying you should go get high, but innocent fun is important. You are still technically a kid and you shouldn’t get too stressed over life just yet. Taking breaks is a vital skill to being a productive student and worker.

There is an extreme side that many people get wrapped when trying to have fun in high school, but nearly always it ends in sadness. So try to establish a balance. You are in school so studying is important, but also remember that you don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Overall high school can be quite enjoyable and provide a good environment for teenagers to figure out what they want to do in life. Just make sure you navigate the pitfalls, relax, become more organized, and smile!