How to take Frustration out of Math Homework

Many students dislike homework because they could be spending that time playing basketball, games, hanging out on Facebook, or any other hobby rather than some educational obligation. Hopefully this article can make your life a bit more enjoyable by removing your frustration about math homework.

In math, you use numbers and symbols to denote expressions. Chances are, the higher level you are in math, the more you like it. For those of you in lower level mathematics, here are a few pointers to make sure that you get the subject and the subject doesn’t get you:

1. Understand what is being taught

. This is the #1 method; paying attention isn’t enough.  Many students complain that they pay attention but never get anywhere. This is because they never make a serious effort to wholly and completely understand and comprehend the material. They may get it once or twice, but it takes a thorough lesson -complete with review – to completely understand a topic.

 “Understand” is being able to do the exact same sort of problem weeks after it is taught, without any sort of review since the day it is taught. Once you “get it”, the whole subject becomes a lot easier. Even if you think you get something, confirm it with the teacher after class. The teacher might even like you better for being interested in his or her subject. 

2. Play around with numbers

Experiment if you have extra time. Think about what the numbers really mean, and the logic behind them. For example, if you’re doing addition of negative numbers, get out a number line, play around, or maybe doodle around with numbers on your paper. Believe it or not, the more exposure you have to the actual mathematics, the easier the subject is and hence the less frustration you have.

3. Talk with people who enjoy mathematics

Many (watch out for the sarcastic kids and haters, you know who they are) will share their excitement with you, and may even offer to teach you math if you ask them. Don’t worry about not being as smart as they are. They enjoy being smarter (like me…) and should patiently teach you what you need to know. You never know, you might just find another kid to hang out with.

4. Don’t get distracted while doing math homework.

Unless you do math homework during other classes, don’t listen to music or talk to friends on Facebook while doing math. The less time you have to deal with it, the better.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask teachers for help

Most will love to help you or tutor you, and as they’re trained teachers, they’ll be patient.

Paying attention isn’t enough in math class; you must completely and thoroughly comprehend what is being taught. Another way of putting this is you have to know why whatever formula is the way it is. Don’t go too deep, though, or you’ll find you’ll lose yourself in the mathematical world.