How will Cell Phones Change Education

The face of education is changing rapidly, and mobile devices have been the impetus for change. The way that society is set up today, mobile devices have become weaved into the fabric of our lives. Since the students of today are the future leaders of tomorrow, it is essential that they learn in school what they will need to cope in the workplace.

Typically, mobile devices are spurned in the educational field, since they are routinely misused. This goes along with the way that education has always been. The methods of cheating and slacking off have evolved with the proliferation of technology, but students are still the same. The more things seem to change, the more they stay the same.

Students have vastly different learning styles, and as this is better understood, teachers are becoming more aware of how to adapt to the current spate of students. Mobile devices allow students to learn visually and kinesthetically, as cell phones and laptops, iPhones and digital pens infiltrate the education system.

Students are extremely proficient with technology, and this should be embraced. Students have great access to information, and if they are able to retrieve data in this manner, it goes part and parcel with the way today’s society is driven. Memory, or rote learning, is no longer the way that people learn.

Quick sound bites and flashing images are what our children see in their world, and this should be incorporated into their learning.

Social networking sites allow people to stay in touch, and this can come in very handy when students miss school, or when they have to work in tandem with other students on group projects. With technology shaping the future, and the present, teachers need to get on board and deliver the material in a way that children understand.

Mobile devices can also help students when they miss class, since the teacher, or another student, can quickly keep them up to speed via mobile devices. There no longer needs to be the old excuses of missing school, or not knowing what the homework expectations were.

Homework can be sent immediately to the teacher for correction during class time, and it can be managed more efficiently by the teacher. The green movement will also appreciate this trend, as you can easily keep it green by keeping it on the screen. The environment will reap many benefits of additional trees, since the usage of paper will decrease significantly as mobile devices become a fixture in the classrooms.

The changing face of education is small and powerful, and can hold tons of vital information. It is time that teachers and school boards accept the fact that mobile devices are here to stay, and that they need to be included in lesson plans.

The new teachers of tomorrow have grown up in a technology saturated environment, so they will be able to use their expertise in a very effective manner.