Ideas on Community Service – Yes

Speaking as a sophomore in high school, I believe that it is good for students to participate in community service projects. For one, it gets students active in the community, Rather than sitting at home eating junk food and playing video games, which is, in my eyes, the leading cause of obesity in young people. second, it teaches young adults valuable work ethics that they can cherish, carry, and pass on to the next generation of students, and most teens don’t even want to work unless they get paid, they don’t care about the environment they live in, which brings me to my third point. Speaking from experience, being involved in community service activities can change students’ attitudes, because we realize that life isn’t just about having fun all the time, or making money at every little thing, that in our lifetime, we can make a difference, and actually change other peoples’ lives also.

Take my life as an example. When I was a 6th grader, I really had no interest in getting involved in my community, I had no interest in getting involved in my school, I had very few friends, all who were like me and were not involved at all in any way. I made low grades; sometimes I would pull through and get a B. I got C’s all the time, and what wasn’t a C was an F, never any D’s, I either tried a little, or didn’t try at all. When I reached the 7th grade, I started getting involved in clubs, and community service. I felt like I was actually making a difference. My grades started to improve, I made more friends, and I was trying. I became an honor student, and still am today.

Being involved in your community also encourages students to do more, maybe change their minds from thinking they shouldn’t go to college to they should go, and while you are doing it you make friends, some could turn into friendships that last their whole life, and those times, when you are out working, with your friends, actually having fun, knowing that you are going to make a difference in someone’s life, changes life’s course, if you will, or at least changes your thinking on the meaning of your life. So all community service, or volunteer work changes someone’s life and attitude about it. There are hundreds of ways to volunteer in your community, whether it’s adopt a highway, or volunteering at a local hospital or pet shelter.

My argument may be unclear to some, but I can definitely promise you this, if more teenagers continue to do volunteer, or community service work, then the world can become a safer, and most definitely a better and cleaner place to live, and students will become more active, and involved in the community, it will lower the rate of annual high school drop outs, and raise the rate of students who plan to pursue their education and move on to college. The point of this article is to inform people that students can make a difference, in their lives and in others. Therefore it is important that students stay active, and volunteer, and do community service work.