Impact of a Bully

Many people don’t realize just how deeply the impact of what they do or say can affect another person. Sometimes even the most confident person can be hurt if you “get them where it counts”. We all have our sensitive spots. It is inevitable that at least once in your life, you will unintentionally say or do something that hurts someone else. Bullying, however, is intentional and the impact that bullying can have on someone really depends on the person being bullied. Bullies don’t care how badly they hurt another person. In fact, that’s their main goal.

Ideally, the type of impact that bullying should have on the person bullied is…well, it should have no impact at all. No one should ever let someone shake them or make them ashamed to be themselves and live how they choose to live, believing in what they want to believe in. However, we don’t live in a perfect world and we all have different levels of sensitivity. More importantly, we all have different journeys in life and anything seems to be fair game for a bully to tease kids about these days. That is precisely where a bully will target you first; in areas of your life that you are most sensitive about. Because we all have different levels of sensitivity, the impact that bullies have on kids can range from no impact at all to a kid taking his or her own life because of something a bully said or did to them. Nowadays, it seems as if every time you turn on your television, another young kid took his or her own life because they couldn’t cope with being bullied.

Bullies are born every minute. You cannot change what another person does. You can, however, change how you respond or react to it. You can turn to someone and your bully never has to be aware that you did. The person you turn to doesn’t necessarily have to step in and do anything. They can just be someone you turn to that can better assist you on how to deal with the bully on your own.

No person should have a big enough impact on your life where it plagues you to the point of affecting your everyday life or makes you contemplate taking your own life. More awareness must be given to bullying, and maybe, just maybe, one day we will never have to hear of another person taking their own life because of it.