Implementing changes in Education

Competitive Learning: The Students’ Nightmare

Many experts think that providing a competitive academic atmosphere would help students; however, this is untrue. When students compete with one another, some would be successful, and some not. Those who succeed gain a superior complex, while the students that fail gain an inferiority complex. It would be unfair to put them in such a situation. Students should be a team. United and working together, rather than struggling to be better than one another. Each student will fail and succeed in different areas; if they were expected to compete and do the best in every subject area, then they would all feel like failures at some point.

To begin with, when students do better than others, they gain a superiority complex. They would feel as though they were better, more successful people than the other students This is bad for the successful students because they will have to face reality; that they are just as important as every other person. Those who succeed should be happy about success, but their success should not be measured by others’ failures. True success is achieved when a person does the best that they possibly can; not when they do better than another student does.
Secondly, the students that fail would feel inferior. They would feel as though the students that succeeded were better than they were. They would lose confidence in themselves. Those students would feel as though they were not as important or worthwhile as the other students were. They would lose confidence in themselves, because they would feel as though they would have to compete and be the best in every academic area. That would be an impossible feat, even for the smartest student. Competition would create winners, losers, and social ladders. Nothing that creates losers and social classes is helpful.

Lastly, it would be well to mention that all students will fail in some areas and succeed in others. It just would not be logical to have them compete against one another. Each student is unique and different; they all have failures and successes. To make learning competitive would be unfair to the students, because then they would all have to feel poorly about themselves at some point; everybody fails at one class or another. It would be much wiser to emphasize the students’ differences and applaud them; rather than making them measure achievement by one another’s failures and successes.

In conclusion, it is clear to see that competitive learning would only deeply harm the students’ intellectual and mental development. The students that succeed in a particular area would feel unreasonably superior, while those who fail would feel unjustly inferior. All students will fail at some things, and succeed at others. It would be completely illogical to have them compete in academic situations, because they will all ultimately fail at some things and lose confidence in themselves. To make learning competitive would be a catastrophic mistake, causing the loss of self-confidence for countless numbers of students.