Increase your IQ

The best way to raise your IQ is to use your brain. You don’t use much of your brain watching TV, so turn it off and do something else. Try reading a book. That fiction bestseller is not likely to get you much of an increase in knowledge, but at least you will be using your brain to read. Go to the library and look through the non-fiction shelves. Find some subject that interests you and check out some books. You will learn something about the subject by reading these books. You will also learn to think more analytically by following another’s train of thought in the book.

Like any other organ in your body, the brain will atrophy if it is not used. You will add to your knowledge by reading, but it is using this knowledge that really gives your brain a workout. Say you read a book on how to write research papers, a likely subject, as you are reading a website where people write articles. Now, you go through the book and pick up all kinds of tips on how to research and write a paper. The next step is to put this knowledge to work. Get out a pen and paper, or fire up your computer, and start researching and writing. Use your brain and it will grow stronger.

One of the best things you can do to improve your thinking process is to talk to people. Conversation takes a lot of brain power. Even if you are only talking about some dumb TV show, you still have to remember what happened in the plot and follow what the other person is saying. For a real brain workout, try talking about something like science or nature. You may have to look up the answers to things you don’t know on your smart phone internet connection, but you will no doubt learn something from the experience. Try talking to intelligent people, like your college professor once in a while. Intelligence is gained by communication. The opposite is also true. If you talk to too many dumb people, you will have dumb thoughts in your head to think about.

The basic formula for increasing your IQ is simple. Obtain knowledge, then use knowledge. If you have nobody to talk to, you can use your knowledge by writing articles or stories, if you are inclined toward fiction. You might start a blog to record your new thoughts and experiences on your quest for intelligence. Be warned, however, because intelligence is frowned upon in popular society. You only have to remember school to see how our culture alienates the intelligent by calling them geeks or worse. Realize that popular culture is not the only aspect of society. When you reach true intelligence you will be able to take on the role of leader and make something out of your life.