Information that should be Included in School Reports

School reports are reliable means to monitor a student’s and teacher’s performances in school, so parents and administration would be able to help them improve the system. The report, though, should not only include the academic evaluation of students and teachers, but also their over-all performance. Aside from the student’s performance reports, a school managers and staff’s report of the teachers should also be included.

For students’ school reports

 If the school has a holistic approach to education, then there should also be reports about the students’ extra-curricular activities and community outreach programs. This would present the specific type of extra-curricular organization that the student joined and his actual participation in the event.

The report should include the student’s attendance in class, his behavior, achievements, and faults. It should also include his cognitive and attentive outputs, and any manual dexterity that he has attained through the course of his education.

For school managers and staffs’ reports

For school managers and staff, a teacher’s evaluation report could be prepared. This would present a detailed report about each faculty’s pertinent personal information, educational attainment, and training and performance evaluation.  The teacher’s class management is evaluated as well; how he implements school policies inside the class, how he teaches, his instructional strategies, how he communicates with parents and students, and how he plans and organizes his lessons.

The learning and teaching process of the teacher is also assessed and presented in the report. This would serve as a basis for the teacher’s retention or promotion. It would also help school managers improve teachers’ outputs and education in general.

For provincial education administrators’ reports

Since the administrators’ encompass a broader field, it should include financial reports of the school. The data gathered would come from the summary of the school managers and staffs’ reports. It should present a summary of all the reports in that certain area that generally includes; financial reports, teachers’ overall performances, achievements, failures and strengths. Usually, a (strength, weakness, outstanding traits, and threats) SWOT are included to help them plan for the incoming school year.

Whether the school report is about the students, teachers, or administrators, there should be an organized and detailed method of reporting to facilitate subsequent re-evaluation. Events should be well-documented and readily available. There should also be transparency in the reports, so that any authorized person could gain access to it promptly. The reports, however, should be kept confidential and should only be disclosed to these authorized personnel.