Introducing new Courses in High School

Tomorrow’s Leading Class

Many classes are mandatory for high school students today. Many difficult classes: algebra, calculus, chemistry, physics, English, foreign language; so why add another? Because one that is currently not mandatory, or even a class, should be: community service. Many teens cannot, or do not, find time to give back to their community. If volunteering, as a class, is mandatory for students, it will be fun and easy for students to improve the future world.
Clubs and sports are not mandatory for graduation, but help to improve students’ social skills and get into college. By not being required, only a small percent of students join clubs or sports. Making an off-campus class required will help students make friends, get involved and have fun while they do it. Just like gym or health, high school students should take a semester out of the year to complete this mandatory class.
In high school, classes are usually longer, about sixty to ninety minutes. These longer classes make it more realistic to take a school bus to travel to a nearby soup kitchen, dog pound or children’s museum; spend an hour and drive back. Staying within the community reduces commuting time and the idea of volunteering during the school day more possible. The teacher will have a place picked out and a bus waiting, making it that much easier on the student. Adding community service to the curriculum makes helping others easy and convenient. Participating in the community on a regular basis becomes a way of live for America’s youth.
Once community awareness becomes second-nature for the teens of America, their character suddenly improves. Students become increasingly more helpful and considerate of others. They become concerned about the community and aware of how they can help. Students do not just get their good deeds out of the way and onto a college rsum, but they become informed of how they can help and where they can donate their time. If teachers pick several different places in the community at which to volunteer, students can really learn just how many people and places need the help of others. Now what can be more valuable to learn in high school than how to be a productive member of the community?
High school is not only for the sole purpose of learning how to balance chemical equations or solve for x, y and z or to be able to regurgitate facts from since the dawn of time. It is for learning about oneself and being able to develop as a person. Making community service into a mandatory high school class, required for graduation, will do just that. Students will be given an easy, convenient way to get involved, make friends, have fun, grow as a person and learn exactly how they can improve the lives of others. But more importantly, be given the opportunity to succeed in high school, at college and throughout life.