Is an Academically Competitive Atmosphere in School a Pro or a Con

So, experts think that a competitive atmosphere would help students become more successful. On this one, I’m going to have to agree. Now that I look back at my experience as a student, I realize that this is one true fact. I did my best in those classes in which there were more competitive students than in those classes where I never felt a competition in intellect or carrying out a task.

I believe that students achieve higher goals in this manner, because each student raises their expectations by observing at other classmates work. For example, in the art classes that I didn’t have a competitive classmate, I never got an award or not as many wards when the student art show came, but when my class was filled with other talented artist, I raised my goals to a higher level achieving more awards and even scholarships. When I saw a student working 10 hours on a project, I wanted to work 20 hours on my project. It is almost as if we are constantly trying to climb to the highest step of a ladder so we could be higher than the rest, but when we notice that our ladder is not the highest, we go and get a taller ladder.

Another point of view is when you’re the student who is on the highest ladder. Other student’s look up to you, and anything you say could affect their work. For example, when students comment intelligently on someone else’s artwork in the artwork critiques, the whole class will benefit from those students that have intelligent and creative ideas, changing the creation of other students to a more elaborated creativity by combining their own creativity with someone else’s. Such students also reliefs stress off the instructor’s shoulder when questions can be answered among students themselves. So that means, no grouchy instructors, and a faster paced class session because students are not waiting for the instructor to keep going ahead.

The speed of a class session is very important. My instructor loved when we got ahead of the project due dates. We sometimes double critiqued our artwork improving it to a better quality. When we were done with a project, he sometimes wanted us to wait for the other of his classes to catch up, so he would teach us something new in the meantime. Even though he tried to hold us back, the class in which I was in took the final exam two class sessions before the other classes did. In my last Graphic Design class, I was in a 27 student class with four other competitive students, and one time those four and I stayed late working on our projects, the instructor said something that made me realize how important a competitive atmosphere is for success. He said “You five are the best students I ever had together in one class.” “You guys could have finished this class in half the time, but I had to hold you back, so you could help the rest move forward.” It surely made us proud to hear that, but we all knew it was thanks to the competition among us that made us achieve what we achieved. I said out loud that I did well because the others also did well, and they all agreed.

On my opinion, the experts are right. A competitive atmosphere is helpful towards the success of students. I am sure that if students look up to each other in a competitive way, they will improve their scholar performance.