Is an Academically Competitive Atmosphere in School Positive or Negative

An academically competitive atmosphere is very helpful to students, especially as they progress to the upper classes of high school. Competition in academics not only makes learning more exciting and fun for students, but it encourages them to be more involved in their schoolwork. I agree with the expert opinion on this issue because of the effects of a competitive atmosphere I have witnessed and the way competition has helped me throughout my own academic journey.
A main reason why competition helps students succeed in school is because of the motivation it instills in them. A competitive atmosphere gives students many reasons to try their best and to want to be accomplished in their academics. Competition has such an impact on students because of peer pressure; students are more likely to want to do well if they see others doing well. It is human nature to have a desire to compete with one’s peers, and this instinct is even more prevalent during high school. While intelligence is a major factor in a student’s achievement, an equally important factor is mindset and attitude.
Competition is increasingly helpful as students reach high school, when additional importance is placed on things like class rankings, grade point averages, and honor rolls. Also, in high school more advanced classes are offered to encourage students to push themselves further. Competition is important because if a student’s friends or rivals take the most advanced classes possible, he or she will be drawn to those classes as well. As students enroll in more challenging classes, an atmosphere of competition becomes even more helpful because it causes students to be more driven to complete homework on time and to do well on assignments. Furthermore, as life after high school draws nearer, students want to do as much as possible to make their future the best it can be, and competition facilitates that.
Competition in school has had a very positive impact on me over time. I am now a senior in high school and since I started school, but especially recently, I have been in competition with a friend. Both he and I have consistently received the highest grades possible and have taken the most challenging courses available at our school. Due to our competition I have become a lot more interested in succeeding in my classes, and without it school would be a lot less exciting for me and I wouldn’t have as much pushing me to strive to achieve my best.
My experience proves that the experts are correct, and a competitive atmosphere does benefit students. Competition causes students to be motivated, and it brings a greater feeling of attachment to what happens at school, especially in academics. In addition, competition makes students realize the importance of being successful in school, as they learn the great ways in which it will impact their future. Competition causes students to have a more positive outlook, and if they are enjoying school they are more likely to try harder.