Is an Academically Competitive Atomosphere in School Good or Bad

In today’s world, competition makes people not enjoy what they do in their lives. In academic areas, such as colleges and universities, teachers want their students to try their best in order to be successful at their jobs. Most teachers want their students to learn their lessons as quickly as possible; and they do not even care if their students understand the concepts of their lessons. All they want from their students is memorizing their lessons to pass their courses with high grades, such as A or B. Therefore, in this high academically competitive atmosphere, students do not enjoy studying their courses, thus they are not motivated to study their lessons and be successful in their lives.

First of all, the great majority of students who study at colleges do not like their fields of studies. To many students, the only purpose of studying is to get their degrees in order to find better jobs in future. They think if they study hard and just listen to their teachers’ advices, they can be hired, get paid, and make lots of money after their graduation from their colleges. On the other hand, teachers create highly competitive atmosphere in classes, and make students think they have to compete with each other rather than communicate and enjoy learning together. In this situation, students always think about who they want to be and what careers they will pick in the future, so they do not find any time for themselves to think about ways to enjoy studying their lessons.

Secondly, in academic competitive atmosphere, students lose their motivation for studying, so they cannot function well in their jobs. Most college instructors make difference between their students; some of them label their students based on how much they study their lessons. This way of treatment moves students toward just being functional in their careers. For example, today, students who graduate from their colleges do not know how to communicate and help people in different situations. So, they cannot be helpful to their societies.

In conclusion, high academically competitive atmosphere cannot be helpful for students because it keeps students from enjoying and learning their lessons, and it prevents students from being successful in future. I hope we will have students with passion who study in academic areas in the future.