Is Hitler over Emphasized and the Holocaust under Emphasized in Schools – Yes

Adolph Hitler was a man just like any other man. He used his god given talent of voice to accent his opinion. By saying this I am not advocating what he told others to do or what he believed in but to tell everyone who is reading this that the direction people have taken is all wrong.

It is a matter of not the man or his resulting action that today’s society should look at but the method at which he took his stand. After all he was voted into power. There was coercion, violence and words that brought him to power not the future of what was to unfold. After all we as a global community are having more choice to who is in power and what will be done about it.

Therefore we should look at those people that we want in power to lead us by the direction that they persuade us. Anyone can spot a fraud a mile away. Through promises and filling our “need” we will get what we want. But is it truly what we want that is the best direction or should we see what method those aspiring politician take to have achieved their goals?

Adolph Hitler spoke with a passion of a heavenly community where jobs would be many, the poor will have relief from their strife and all wrongs in the past shall be corrected. For example; in 1933 Hitler promises to get back all that was lost by the Treaty of Versailles. Was there a mention of how this visionary would do such a thing?

He promised more jobs to the middle class and hiked the price of agricultural goods so that the workers of the land could have a greater lifestyle. More and more members of the middle class listened to Hitler’s promises made, increasing his popularity. Enticed by promises of happiness, freedom and prosperity for the German youth a program was created called the, “Hitler Youth”. All of Germany had been swayed by Hitler’s promises, but as you can see from history none of that prevailed only death, violence and the resulting mark of the Holocaust.

Today we need to focus on Hitler’s methods of propaganda, method of speech and action taken not so much the result. Although the Holocaust will never be forgotten. Those survivors shall dwindle by the numbers and their memory will fade but not the event. We as a global community must be effective in rebuking those evil men who try to seduce the world into thinking they will take the right action. This shall be done by studying the mechanisms of the past and learning from it.