It is a Schools Job to keep a Student Safe from Bullying – Yes

An Institution for education: a place for instruction is referred to as a school. It is the body of those who hold a common tradition.They usually congregate in a building or room for their purpose. Schools include primary, secondary, university, college, faculty or department. They are academic institutions where honors may be taken.

The duties and responsibilities of a school are to educate: to train, to instruct, to admonish and to discipline. Discipline means training. It is the mode of life in accordance with rules. It is subjection to control: order or punishment.

A bully is a cruel oppressor of the weak; a noisy,overbearing fellow. A bully is seen as a ruffian who beats or intimidates. He threatens in a noisy way to cast fear on his victim.

On the other hand, a student is a person who is studying at a university, college or secondary school. Students of varied family backgrounds, cultures and religious faith usually meet in a school to study. Usually, the strong and the weak students are made to study under one roof. Disobedient and stubborn children end up in a school community. There are homes where parents are so busy that they do not have time to instruct their children in right values. Such children grow up as threats to other students at school.

A school is a legal entity. It must fulfil all the requirements for registration as specified by the Education Authority. It must operate under the supervision of the education department. Schools are meant to operate by the laid down rules. A school must have competent teachers and administrators in its management. It is the responsibility of any school to ensure everything required for the security and welfare of students kept under its care. The school bears the duty to identify character traits of every student in order to curb passive negative excesses of any kind.

It is disheartening that there have been cases where schools’ supervisory authority compromise at reported cases of bullying. They, by so doing, indirectly encourage bullying.

A major responsibility of a school that cannot be undermined is the right to administer discipline and decorum within the ambit of the law. The school authority should have its own rules and laws to subject every student to acceptable behaviour within its environment. As a school is a place of learning, students must be instructed to discipline, submission and obedience.

A well administered school must have a written undertaking or code of conduct to good behaviour signed by every student admitted with spelt out consequences on disobedience. Student enrolment in a school is usually based on the belief that their security, protection and safety is assured. Any school that gives a bully a conducive platform to operate should be brought under investigation and the management questioned by the school’s supervisory body.