Jesus Christ Profanity in Public Schools – No

Imagine. Imagine living in a family of fluent cursers and you go to school. You have a test that day, a rather stressful one, and after you’ve studied for over 4 and a half hours straight the previous night, you’re just about ready for spring break and/or summer.

You flunk the exam, but not as in a B-/C+, but an F. You didn’t know what went wrong, and you, when talking about the exam with your friends, say God’s ‘real’ name: “Jesus Christ!”

Now, to start off, the main issue that arises here is religion. Evidently, the Bible restricts persons from swearing, stealing, etc. (or according to the Ten Commandments and other excerpts). That’s a fair statement, and one that is constantly reminded in many households and schools.

It is thereby not unreasonable to assume that saying “Jesus Christ,” or using “God’s name in vain,” is a swear word. Christianity/Catholicism declares such, so why not consider it to be profanity in public schools?

The issue with swearing today is that it’s been censored for centuries at this point. Whether you’re at a strict Catholic school, or simply around a believer in God, generally speaking you’ll be given a sharp look or reprimand for swearing-especially for saying Jesus Christ in vain.

The first underlying controversy with saying that using God’s name in vain should be considered profanity is religious discrimination. Most schools, unless you’re at a strict Catholic School, are under regulations and laws that point towards religious bias and unnecessarily opinionated points of view.

The fact that we are worrying about saying Jesus Christ in public schools is extremely trivial. Swearing will happen anyway; it always has, and always will. No restraining or restricting of saying God’s name in vain will stop that.

It’d be different if you’re at a strict Catholic school or other, but for public schools? Please. You’ll evoke more incidents of swearing than you will prevent it. Teachers could be assaulted. Graffiti could increase. Violence in general could scale to levels previously uncharted. And overall, the school would be laughed at.

Along with private schools, public schools have their own agenda and issues to deal with. Gangs, violence, drugs, abuse, and other have all increased over the years in public schools. If you are going to be worrying over swearing in public school more so than a ten year old kid that just OD with cocaine, you should be fired, because swearing should always be the least concern in schools.