Learning Activities Constructive Activities for Potential Bullies Learning Problems

Learning activities are carried out every day often creating a sense of boredom for students. Moreover, if the lesson is done always in the classroom. Another thing that also causes students are not comfortable in the classroom is a particular lesson which he found it difficult to understand. 
The presumption students that hard lesson comes from two factors at least, from himself or from others. Factors of her belief that it is difficult to grow because they feel pessimistic about these lessons.So he thought if the study would not understand it. Factor from others is the assumption that arise because of the influence of those around him better teachers, friends, his parents. 
At the beginning of school most students are very interested in all subjects at school. Interested because they feel able, interested because of his teacher, are interested because of the lessons fun, interesting, as the feel is more challenging and so forth. But after the passage of time and many more lessons to accumulate in the brain some students learning motivation waning. They feel they are not interested because they feel can not, do not like his teacher, the lessons boring, no challenge. From the feel is not interested, then growing distaste, pessimistic, and into trouble. And is not uncommon to find some student teachers who get bored with a lesson to bully other students in learning activities. 
There are several steps to try to get rid of experienced sense of difficult students. Some ways that can be tried, namely: 

1.   Generate interest. Creating interest in a variety of ways, in starting games, poetry, songs, jokes, puzzles, an object and others. 

2.   Motivating students. Strong encouragement that students ‘can’ and able to develop a sense of confidence. 

3.   Giving the award. Sentences praise, prizes, clap your hands, thumbs-up, had made them feel valued and valuable. 

4.   Be generous. Generous in this regard with smiles, occasional low values, and cheap energy to provide science. Or even give a gift of high economic value for students. 

5.   Know your student. For teachers this may need some time, especially when the number of students which it is responsible enough. But this is one step that needs to be done. Teachers must know the background ability, character, way of learning, until the student families. 

6.   Keep positive thoughts in students. Positive thoughts will certainly produce positive particles of his brain, making a synergic mind with her subconscious. Faces cheerful, good attitude to teachers or friends. 

7.   Good cooperation of teachers, principals, and parents. Periodically, the school should invite the parents of students with problems to discuss various things about the students. 

Especially those related to student motivation, between schools and parents have the line in terms of motivating students. This step will be able to parse the saturation students learn in school so they would not interfere in the learning activities.