Learning Ethics in High School

A high school student that learns how to deal with people at a young age is much more bound to succeed in life.  Learning to adjust to a different environment and being versatile to act accordingly are pertinent to being a success.  Therefore, it is important that a high school offer this option to its students so they can learn about ethics.

Some high school students lose their jobs many times because they lack the ethics needed in certain situations.  Companies are looking for people who know how to treat their boss and also, if the employee is in a situation of authority, there are certain ethics needed for that situation as well.  A high school that teaches ethics gives their students another positive tool to use in the work world to help them achieve longevity in their company if they so desire.  The whole idea of submitting two weeks notice before leaving a job has become lost in many parts of the world because people were not taught ethics and this will affect them later on.  This is another very important reason to teach ethics in high school.

The financial area of life demands ethics!  People who apply for a credit card and are approved need to understand that they must pay their bill on time every time.  In fact, paying in full is what is supposed to happen because the money is borrowed and interest can kill a person’s credit.  Many people have the attitude that they can just have bad debt and this is not ethical nor good for the economy of the country.  A lot of these foolish mistakes could be avoided if the schools would set aside a little time each week and teach an ethics class and require the students to attend.

Ethics covers a multitude of fields and one of those is being considerate.  When a high school student drives down the street after nine with his stereo pumping, it is obvious that they either have not been taught ethics or they didn’t listen very well.  Ethics is being considerate of your neighbors.

Ethics is needed everywhere, especially by young people and if the schools would take some time to teach this subject, many problems could be avoided.  The class is very enjoyable and the students would enjoy the positive and negative examples of ethics that could be offered.  Ethics is a great tool for the student to carry around in life!