Lego Mindtsorm Education Research

I was fascinated the first time I saw how the small pieces of cubes that we used when we were kids can turn out to be something that innovative. First let’s give an overview about what is LEGO Mind storm.

Imagine a children’s construction set, and build with it a robot, and to it the ability to move around, is that all?, No!, add to it a program through which that researchers and even kids can control and manage how the robot acts through, not only this, but you can set some predefined actions for the robot, so that once a certain event happens, the robot can act in a certain way.

Then how all of this works?, this kit consists of  a basic construction set, where you can follow the steps to build a basic ( or even more advanced) set of robots, also it consists of a set of sensors, through  which the robot can interact with the surrounding environment. These sensors include: sound sensors, temperature sensors, distance detector…

Then how can we start using this tool efficiently?

Lots of entities started creating competitions for kids to make a set of robots that are able to complete certain tasks. This can teach kids the ability to bring pieces together to solve a greater puzzle, in addition to initiating them with the world of computer programming and technology. Also interacting with a moving object will bring up a child to be more familiar and comfortable with interacting with other people. So a good way to start is for the kids to participate in these types of competitions.

Another way is to make the tutor or educator as a part of the learning process, is by making them be able to program the robot to teach certain concepts, including mathematics and science, through certain actions. For example, to teach youngsters about basic shapes like triangles and squares, you can make it as a game where the robot follow a certain path and the kid follow the robot, to make him understand how the shapes will look like in real life, not only on paper.

Robots already have been used as a part of the kids educational, especially with kids with autism, as it will be much easier for them to interact with machines and robots instead with direct interaction with the human, this have been a great part of robotics research in the past years.

Also LEGO mind storm opens the ability for researchers to program with advanced languages, this will make it flexible to add extra abilities to the robot, so researchers can look more into the field of how to build an independent intelligent artificial entity.

More information about real life experiences with the LEGO Mind storm will be mentioned in future articles!