Locker Tips for the Rising Middle Schooler

Going back to school can be a stressful time and one thing to make it a little better are the tips in the article below. With everything going on around you, your locker should not be ahead of you friends and classmates in your mind. The best thing to do is start with it clean and keep it that way so you never lose any assignments. Just take a few precautions and you will be set for the year.

First off leave everything you do not need at home. If a teacher asks you to keep a record of your assignments for a final exam or Standardized test at the end of the year, that is not necessary to be in there. You can also leave things like binders from classes you do not have that day if your school uses an alternating schedule.

When you do pick the things you need to take with you, leave everything in your bag. When you crowd your locker with Items like rulers, calculators, and writing utensils, you make it hard to leave space for the important things.

When you get to school in the morning, a great way to start is to take all binders and materials out that you will need for the day and put them in your locker right away. Then you should put things back in your bag as soon as you finish with them. This will keep your locker clutter free and make it easy to leave school as you can just grab your bag and go.

As for your combination, I would recommend that you take a little bit of time out of each day in the first week of school and just repeat it to yourself. You can pick the best way for you but I would strongly suggest that you write it down about 10 times per day and you should remember it in no time.

Finally, everyone needs to know where their locker is. If you are going into middle school it will most likely be near other classmates of yours and you can just remember who is around. I normally take not of the hallway and classes that are nearby and make a mental image of it so you can just walk straight and tall everyday to where you need to go.

I hope this article helps you out and don’t forget to keep it clean and you should have no problems.