Mandatory course Scheduling Versus Freedom of Choice

I believe that a business class should be mandatory for all students. Within a business class students are able to learn the basics of how a business is maintained. They will develop skills that will benefit their future when they decide to open their own business or work for one. Students will acquire the ability to write their own resume and portfolio, speak in front of an audience, and maintain their own businesses from this class.
Students enrolled in this class will learn to write their own resume and portfolio. In having this skill, the student has an advantage over other students who did not take a business class. They will be able to present a good resume to employers and make a lasting impression during an interview. The student’s accomplishments on their resume represent them as a person. If the student is a rookie in the employment area, their professionally written resume will be able to amaze anyone looking at it.
Students would learn to be able to speak in front of groups or a conference. This class would teach the students to be confident about themselves and be able to speak up and articulate their thoughts. This is a great advantage for the timid students. They would be required to speak in front of their peers. In being able to speak for themselves and show that they are confident in doing so, they would be able to speak comfortably in interviews, conferences, or with other people. They would have the ability to interact with others and show communication skills, which is a major factor in a business career.
It is the utmost importance to learn about the business industry, how to run a business, and how to maintain a successful business. In this class students will learn each of these aspects. They will learn what it takes to open their own businesses and how to handle it. Management skills will help make them become a successful individual. A powerful key to success is offered in learning how to handle one’s self in an interview. By making a meaningful first impression, they demonstrate eagerness to become successful and are able to be a beneficial addition to the company.
Students will be able to learn the valuable information of business management from taking a business class. A business class would be very useful to all students, despite background or ambitions. Because a vast majority of students will either own a business or work for one in the future, it only makes sense to make this a mandatory course for everyone. It is helpful and important for student’s to have a realistic expectation of the future. All students that have taken a business class would be better prepared for their future than most students who have not taken this class. The saying “the children are our future” has circulated for a long time. This course would help ensure that those children are successful in whatever future they choose.