Mandatory Gated Schools and Lockdown to keep Children Safe from Violence

Unfortunately, violence in our schools is a random, senseless and unpredictable reality today.  The recent violence in a Connecticut elementary school where 20 children were slain has left this country reeling in despair and horror. How do we keep our children safe?  Many parents are desperate for the answer to this question. While keeping children at home to keep them safe may not be a viable option for most parents, something has to be done to end these eruptions of violence in our schools.

The remedy of keeping our children safe is left up to the society that we live in.  It’s no question, stricter gun laws and legislation will have to be enacted to save these precious lives.  The schools will have to be fortresses and heavily guarded to protect the lives of innocent children and adults who teach at these schools. Consider: The children are society’s most valuable asset for the future.

The faculty at these schools may have to undergo combat training and acquire special skills, along with providing the children with reading, writing and arithmetic, to keep them safe. These gunmen entering the schools are armed with automatic weapons and assault rifles. How could any child contend with that? 

These schools will have to be built much like fortresses with high brick walls and gated fences and surveillance cameras to keep these violent, insane intruders out. Sadly, a school mascot may have to be replaced by armed security or policemen guarding the exits and entrances to the school. Lockdown will be mandatory after the morning bell rings signaling the beginning of the school day. Metal detectors may be necessary for students and faculty alike to enter the school campus. 

These may all seem like very extreme measures to take in order to protect the children from violence in our schools. Our children are learning a lesson that most parents are not ready for them to learn. The children are learning that schools can be a violent place and that they can’t take their safety for granted.

The media may also play a role in the escalation of these attacks on school campuses. The media coverage should not exploit this violence for higher ratings. The gunmen should never be shown in a light that makes them appear to be super-human or a super-intelligent species of man.

Instead, they should only be referred to as a suspect or killer. Society does not need to see pictures of them when they were angelic. In this case, morbid curiosity may cause the demise of school children in future random acts of violence. These are sick individuals, and society is well aware that these type of people do exist in this society. After the murder of children, it’s too late for diagnosis of these individuals. 

The neighbor who seems to have a morbid fascination with guns may need to be reported to the authorities. The school-aged child who is reclusive and violent may be in need of counseling. In short, society needs to pay close attention to these types of people. Denial of these traits in loved ones may allow a deranged killer to commit one of these heinous acts. Mothers and fathers, please pay attention to your adult offspring for the sake of these innocent children in our schools.