Mandatory High School Classes

High school is designed to prepare students for their future careers, and the courses that high school students take can have a huge impact on their chances of getting accepted in to the post-secondary institutions of their choice.  Certain subjects should be mandatory while others should be strictly optional.  Society and job demands are constantly evolving and secondary schools need to offer courses that will prepare students for the future.  The following courses listed should be mandatory for all high school students:


In order to compete in a competitive job market, proper reading and writing skills are a must.  High schools in countries like St. Lucia, Barbados, Canada, England, The United States, Australia and many others where English is the official language, should make it mandatory that all students study English in each grade level until graduation.  The ability to write and speak well will help open doors for everyone who is looking for a job, applying to colleges and universities, or wants to improve their opportunities in life. 

Mathematics and Sciences

Not everyone has a desire or a need to learn advanced trigonometry or physics, but high school students should be taught basic science skills, especially human biology, so they understand how their own bodies function.  Calculus is not a necessary math subject to learn if you want to be able to figure out the tip percentage on a restaurant bill, but business math will be helpful to students who need to understand how mortgages and annuities are calculated for when they own their own homes in the future. 

History and government studies

Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it.  We all live in a country and people who have never immigrated to another country usually do not know too much about the history of their own birth country.  People who immigrate to another country to live in must study about the country and take citizenship tests to become legal and official citizens.  People who are born in the country they grew up in never had to take tests about their country’s history, and sadly, many people have very little knowledge about their homeland.  High schools should make it mandatory that every student attending must learn about their country’s history, government structure and world history so that students have a better understanding of their citizenship rights and how other countries operate in case they plan to live abroad later on their lives.  Learning about historical events will increase students’ awareness of struggles their ancestors had to face and make them more appreciative of their own circumstances and inspire them to improve their lives. 


Typing skills are becoming as important to learn as reading and writing skills are.  Gone are the days when men assumed that they didn’t need to take keyboarding classes because they were sure to have secretaries who would do their typing for them.  In today’s world, many people have access to desktop or laptop computers and email is used on a regular basis.  Many people are also gravitating towards building home based businesses and they may not be able to afford a secretary right away.  For these reasons, and many others, it is important for high school students to learn how to type.  Typing is like riding a bicycle; once a person learns how to type, they will never forget how to do it. 

Family Studies/Home Economics

Family Studies/Home Economics classes teach students safe and healthy ways to cook, clean and plan for and raise children.  Eating is necessary for survival and high school should all have a strong understanding of how to prepare nutritious meals.  Running a household and learning about family planning and child rearing are also important topics that are covered in Family Studies classes because today’s high school students will one day be responsible for rearing the future generation of children and they should be educated on responsible parenting.

Career studies should also be a mandatory high school subject.  Every high school student has potential and their own personal destiny to fulfill.  Many students may not even be aware of how to launch careers for themselves, or even which careers would match their interests and innate abilities.  Career studies along with all of the subjects suggested in this article should be available to high school students so that they learn how to write and create resumes, cover letters, business plans and conduct themselves at job interviews.  High school students are the future, and regardless of whether they decide to attend college or university, they should each receive a proper education to help them make appropriate choices for their current situation and future situation.  Every high school student will greatly benefit by being required to take courses that will help increase their understanding of practical knowledge and life skills.