Mandatory Volunteerism is Morally Wrong – No

It is disgusting and despicable to me that so many people are willing to vote away their freedom and the freedom of others simply because they think volunteering is a good idea. By what right would any citizen who claims to respect freedom choose to enslave another human being?! Am I being overzealous in my defense of liberty? Is it wrong to think that in a free society that each individual has certain inalienable rights and that among those are the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Has someone rewritten the United States Constitution while I wasn’t looking?

Can anyone argue that it would be correct or moral for a person or a group of people to force someone to do something with which they disagree? The very idea that some people in government are contemplating forcing teenagers into work camps or youth programs in order to prove their value to society is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. This is no exaggeration but historical fact. The Hitler Youth Groups were exactly this kind of organization and if one expected to get anywhere in pre-World War II Germany it was mandatory to join these volunteer groups.

Not surprisingly, the idea seems to be getting support from both sides of the political spectrum. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have become so steeped in altruism that they would not be able to mount a defense of the individual if it their lives depended on it which it does. Or at least, the continued longevity of the United States as we know it does.

If volunteering is made mandatory what will happen to those who wish to pursue other goals? For example, what if an exemplary student wants to graduate from high school early in order to pursue a medical or law degree. Taking time off to perform mandatory servitude would be a huge setback in the long difficult program of education that lies ahead. Is it fair to force such a person?

Or what if a young person is willing to work long hours to learn a trade and wants to work for the family business and forego college… learning while they work. Does that person also have to do double duty in order to fulfill the forced labor requirement?

What if a person inherits wealth and wants to simply do nothing? Is it anyone else’s business? Not in a free country it isn’t. The list of what ifs is endless. Free people have to be free to choose or else the concept of freedom has no meaning.

For those of you who still think it is a good idea to create a system of conscription for our citizens, I beg you to visit other countries that live with this monstrous ideology. Talk to the people who live through it. I have heard endless tales of abuse, bureaucratic corruption, people paying off officials to have their child exempt, unmotivated and unhappy young people doing valueless jobs because they have been forced into it. It is beyond scary, it is a recipe for disaster.

At the root of all of this is the idea that no person is truly free. You don’t own your life. The State owns your life. The government decides what is good by majority vote or by dictators’ whim. It is up to the individual to sacrifice for others and to conform to the masses or be imprisoned or worse. It is the refried politics of socialism arisen from the mass graves of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia where the silent voices of more than 100 million dead will never speak out against it.