Mathematics Methods

Correct answers to Maths problems only comes after applying METHODS. There have been simple addition and subtraction, division and multiplication questions which have been calculated wrongly. Mathematics becomes more interesting and easy when one applies METHODS when calculating them.

Watch these examples which are in most cases calculated wrongly:

7+8×4-1= ?
With this question i have found that the ‘answer’ has been calculated as 7+8=15×4=60-1=59

The correct method BODMAS meaning ( Brackets Of Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction) must be used.

That means one has to rearrange the mathematics before attempting it. How? See if there is a B (Bracket) within the question. If there isnt, chech for the next letter O, (Of) and then D (Division) ( if there is somewhere to divide) , then M (Multiplying). In this case we have a Multiplying sign between 8 and 4. That means we have to multiply those two first (8×4). We have A (Addition) between 7 and now then (8×4). Finally we have S (Subtraction) sign between (8×4) and 1.

Therefore a rearranged question looks like this: 7 + (8×4) – 1 = ?

Now to calculate we have to follow the order of the letters in the Method. In this case we have to multiply first followed by addition and then subtraction. See BODMAS.

The simplified mathematics now becomes 7 + 32 – 1 = ?

7 + 32 = 39 then subtract 1
39 – 1 = 38

The answer becomes 38.