Mean Girls the Issues concerning the Popularity of Teen and Preteen Girls

The strive for high society is documented throughout our history. This social focus blinds our youth with materialistic ideas on what is important. In thirty years who is really going to care if you were head cheerleader. What was the importance of being sweet heart queen. Simply, nothing.

Yet, this social focus has girls continuously trying to be someone that they “think” they should be to portray an image of status. What they don’t understand is where is this self proclaimed status going to get you in the real world. Where as they think they are popular, others think they are conceited. Is that really the image they were striving for?

Let’s take 2 young gals. One focuses on the popularity contest. Always has to be in the “in” crowd. Always has to go to the best partys. Always has to talk to the right people. This young gal is often on my doorstep. She cries out the fact that this person didn’t invite her to this party or this girl said that. She is so wrapped up in the game that she doesn’t know who she can trust anymore. She is miserable trying to be who and/or what everyone expects her to be.

Now let’s take girl number #2. And she is. She doesn’t run with the “in” crowd. Most of those girls annoy her. She doesn’t have time for the petty games. She’s focuses on her classes and works. She is friendly to everyone and is admired for her kindness. However, she is also envied by the popular girls. And why? Because she isn’t afraid to be who she is. She isn’t worried about buying the newest pair of jeans. She doesn’t care who said what. Those things aren’t important to her.

Now, I know both of these girls. I like them both. Girl #1 is miserable. What small successes she has in the social circles are short lived. Her parent are continuously telling her she needs to know the right people. She is just walking through high school to please everyone else. It’s getting her nowhere. And then I look at girl #2. She is well liked by everyone, but doesn’t consider being buddy, buddy with the in crowd important. She’s worked and saved. Opened 7 CD’s in the last year to save for college. She’s looking onward. She sees her future.

I pity the girl who considers herself popular. The last 4 years of high school wasn’t about taking the right classes she needs to continued on. She was too overwhelmed by being in the right crowd. The other girl has a good head on her shoulders. She can take it or leave it because this overrated social status isn’t important to her. Looking at the two of them, I know who will come out the winner in life.