Middle School Great Student Community Project Ideas

Middle school children can learn about the importance of giving back to their community through a special project. Various projects can teach the students at the same time that they benefit others in the community. Consider the following ideas for your middle school child or student.

Performing for seniors

The middle school students can give a performance at a senior center. It may be a singing show, a play or a variety show. Alternatively, they may run a bingo game for the seniors or simply visit and talk with them. Not only will they bring smiles to the faces of people who may be very lonely, but they can learn important lessons from those who have lived through so much.


The children can help to make their community more beautiful by helping to plant attractive plants and flowers in community areas. If there is an area that does not look nice, then they may be able to use their creativity to do some landscaping. Try to find a nursery or plant store willing to donate plants and let the children spend the time to make their world a more attractive place. According to Kids Activities, this can be accomplished with very little money if the children simply plant seeds. They can also work on the school itself. Alternatively they can perform some sort of cleanup of community areas such as a beach cleanup.

Make their own fundraiser

The students can create their own charity as a community project. For instance, they can make a mini-marathon and get others to sponsor them. The money could go to an important cause in the community such as a donation to a disadvantaged children’s charity. They can also collect items for people in need with programs such as Toys for Tots.

Send crafts, letters or artwork to others

One nice idea is for the children to create gifts of art and crafts for others who may appreciate them. According to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, you could send letters to nursing home residents, sick children or military servicemen stationed overseas.

A community project can set a child up for a lifetime of empathy and altruism. The children will feel good about helping others, and the entire community will benefit. They can also get experience in different areas that could be pertinent to future careers. Try a variety of different projects with the students as they grow.