Military Recruiters Invading High Schools

I find the use of the word invading to be rather harsh. Military recruiters, as well as politicians, realize that the youth will strongly affect the outcome of the future. I find recruiters to be less of a distraction than politicians. I understand most young people find it difficult to have someone openly invite them into a somewhat dangerous profession with a never-ending War on Terror and the instability in Iraq that will probably go on well past their lifetimes.

The military offers many opportunities at this point. There are specialized careers within the military for new recruits to enter. There are still men and women needed in the front lines, but the days of marching directly into enemy fire are long past. Military recruitment campaign seems to be working well. The presentations are well thought out to present young people with certain skills to further develop and hone those skills should they choose to leave the military at a later point in time.

Most military recruiters are understanding people. Most students are thinking about college or at least some line of work. They offer paid scholarships, real-world training, leadership skills that they feel will appeal to young people concerned about their futures. Some students may need direction in life or they will fall through the cracks of society and left to an unsuccessful life with no education or experience to carry them further. It’s important for those students and everyone to realize today’s military.

The position of recruiter is evidence that not all soldiers go fight wars. If that’s not something to consider, at least say “Hi” to one of them and snag a pen and a balloon off their table.