Military Recruiters Invading High Schools

I am currently a member of the US army, and I STRONGLY disagree with military recruiters setting up booths in high schools to recruit students into their respective organizations.

I am fully aware of the fact that the military numbers are falling short of being able to accomplish missions properly in the numerous places soldiers are deployed, but I feel that these recruiters are not showing the students the full picture behind what is involved in joining the military.

Any soldier will tell you that his or her recruiter deceived them at least a little bit to get them to sign the contract. Take me for example, I signed up for 4 years of active duty and I have finally reached the latter of my enlistment. What I didn’t know when I signed up is that I actually agreed to do 4 additional years of inactive reserve. This means that I can be called back into the military at any given point in time during those 4 years. Even if I am in college. If I had know about this before I joined, I would have reconsidered the military.

I also see former soldiers donning a uniform once again, but these prodigal soldiers are 40 to 50 years old, long retired, but still called upon to serve their country. It is always a sad sight to see these faces, some as old as my parents, limping on canes and grimacing at the fact they left their great jobs behind to support a cause they may not even agree with.

I despise the military for my own personal reasons. But now since I made the foolish mistake of joining at the age of 17 when I wasn’t as mentally competent as I am today, I am pretty much government property until I reach retirement age. I, like many of my peers, am forced to suffer for the rest of my life due to a mistake I made a long time ago.

If recruiters would reveal this information along with many of the other things they like to conveniently hide to the high school students, I would be all for these guys to set their booths up. But until then, they just need to stay away from America’s youth.