Military Recruiters Invading High Schools

Not only high schools themselves but it seems these recruiters are everywhere a high school student may be. When I was a senior in high school it got to the point where they were calling daily and even coming to my door. Once you tell them your going to college, I had at least 2 try to dissuade me saying that the military was the way to go. Even after a year of college when I was home and biking I had a recruiter literally stop in the street and jump out of his car running towards me. When I kept going he started shouting how dare I disrespect a military person. I went up to him and told him I wasn’t interested and that his recruiting technique was invasive, rude, and completely uncalled for.

I’ve had friends being stopped while shopping and cornered by them in public. I thought once college began I was freed from this annoying recruiting, but low and behold there they were at my college career fairs, standing outside the dining halls, following students, and even showing up in classrooms.

Now their all over MySpace, Facebook, and advertising everywhere. They even have military sponsored video games for various consoles because according to military researchers, these video games are excellent ways to not only develop and unknowingly train future soldiers but also to convince them that being in the military is fun and ‘cool’.

Like most solicitors and spammers, the US Military should be prevented from invading our privacy, harassing young adults, and using annoying tactics to trick people into service.