Morality Class

Morality may be one of the most important subjects that could be taught in high school.  Learning how to make a decision between right and wrong is not always obvious and should be taught at home by the parents.  However, there is nothing wrong with getting a second dose at school.  The issue that comes up is what religion is going to teach it.  Since God has been kicked out of public schools, then so does morality.  However, this does not have to be true!  Morality can be taught without a certain book, by someone who has lived a pure life (pure is not the same as sinless) and can teach this subject.  This article will concentrate on the importance of having a morality class in high school.

The prisons in the U.S. are overcrowded and can be reduced if morality is taught!  Students have a choice or not whether or not to go to church, but if they go to school, they don’t have an option whether or not to go to class.  If they don’t go, they fail!  Learning how to decide between right and wrong will prevent a lot of foolish decisions and can save a person from having to go through the system of incarceration.

A morality class can help a person make the right decisions so they know how to lead their family.  One of the big problems in today’s society is the parents don’t teach their children how to live morally.  Most schools don’t teach it and unless the child goes to church, where do they learn from?  If a high school taught morality class using a qualified teacher, there would most likely be a positive difference made.  Learning how to conjugate a verb is very important, but learning how to avoid peer pressure and ultimately avoid a car accident where you were at fault because you were drinking is much more important.

Having a morality class in high school educates the student to be a productive member of society.  If you are in and out of the juvenile detention center or court, and you acquire a bad record, society will not be very easy on you.  Life is hard enough without a criminal record and certainly doesn’t help matters with one.

Learning how to live a moral life cannot itself yield a negative result unless the student chooses that path in life.