More Education you Obtain the better your Job Security is going to be in your Future

Have you ever gone for a job interview? What is one of the first set of questions your possible employer asks while he/she is going over your resume? Do you have a high school diploma? If the answer is no, the interview is over right there, no further questions. Those are a few questions that are asked of teenagers trying to find employment.

Employers do not want anything to do with uneducated youths, or anyone of any age, looking to enter the workplace without an education. Believe it or not, but you have to have a college education to become a waitress, to pump gas, or to work as a cashier, just to name a few. I ask you this question, Does colleges these days teach you how to serve meals to customers, or how to pump gas, or work as a cashier at fast food restaurants or corner stores? NO, they do not.

There are so many people that do not have a college education that is looking for a job that pays enough just to make enough money to carry them from month to month, never mind buying all those luxuries richer people are buying like, new cars, houses, up to date furniture, fancy appliances, and high tech memorabilia. There are millions of people that would not know what to do with some of the high tech gadgets that are on the market today, me included. There are things out there that I don’t have a clue as to what they do and what they are used for.

If you want to get into a high paying job in this time of your life, a college education is essential. High paying career jobs is where the money is in this fast pacing world we are living in today. If you want your cut of the bounty that is waiting for you, a high school diploma is only the first step in the long road to getting your high paying job security you want for yourself.

The more education you have, the better it is for you, once you have that high school diploma, you are ready to go on to college and obtain the higher level of education to enter your future career, whether it is as a Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, business owner, computer technologist, and the list goes on to where ever you want it to go, the sky is your blank canvas, and you are the painter that is going to fill up that blank canvas with your future accomplishments. The more education you obtain, the better your job security is going to be in your future.