Networking Skills in High School – Yes

Many people may not realize it, but networking skills are just as essential as any other core classes in high school. That’s right – I’m putting them right up there with mathematics, science and English. In fact, they could be the most important part of any student’s high school experience.

If you are exceptional with numbers and mathematics, or you excel in science, how can you communicate your findings to your work group without proper networking skills? Yes, you can give someone a basic rundown on how it works – but you can’t show your full potential. It’s impossible to lead a group or start your own business without some sort of networking skills. Think of it this way – everyone has muscles in their body. You can use those muscles to run a marathon – but without practice, you can’t expect to end up in first place.

Jobs are getting harder to come by these days. Before you know it you’ll need some sort of degree to flip burgers. Teenagers and young adults will need every edge they can get in order to find a suitable job that they will enjoy. If networking skills are another useful thing they can put on their resume, why would you want to take that away from them?

This doesn’t just affect these young adults searching for jobs – it affects the employers too! If they cannot find decent workers that actually WORK together, larger projects can’t be finished in a timely fashion. Complaints and arguments may start up from their clients and quite possibly the workers as well. Teaching the proper skills in the first place will set aside a lot of hassle companies could potentially face. Your team knowing how to work together is the key for any business owner’s success.

Networking skills are also useful for just meeting people and making friends! A good social life is not always a waste of time, and is necessary to be healthy. Friends and aquaintances are a source of moral support and confidence in yourself. If you can’t talk to or make your own friends, you won’t be able to talk to a potential employer in an interview.

Networking skills have a ripple effect. If they aren’t taught to people that need them, everyone around them will be affected too. People can choose what kind of career they are interested in, and what they want to study for – but proper networking skills aren’t a choice, they are necessary.