Parent Night Activities and Ideas for Teachers

Parents’ Night is a great opportunity for the school to create a connection that will be sustained all through the school year. Parents’ participation in school activities is indispensible to the smooth running of the school programs as well as effective administration of the academic curriculum.

The success of the parent’s night event is dependent largely on the preparation of teachers and the richness of the ideas feeding the program. Here are some ideas for teachers to make the Parents’ Night a worthwhile experience.

*A tour of the school premises

This activity will enable you showcase the school facilities to the new parents and acquit the returning parents some value added changes that took place between the last open day and the present one. The tour will also enable the parents to appreciate the effort the school management is making to ensure that the students get the best out of school in terms of physical facilities. It will also open up prospects for certain parents that may want to be of help in improving the functionality of the facilities. 

*Do a power point presentation of the school events and curriculum

This presentation will help intimate the parents with current topics being treated and the ones that will come up thereafter. Parents will also get to know the curriculum administration technique of the school which will enable them to effectively assist their children with homework as well as preparation for examination.  This presentation will also give details about upcoming events in the school.

*Fun activities for parents and children.

Although students are not expected to be around for Parents Night but some of them still get to be present for obvious reasons. Teachers can organize simple educational and family games for the parents and students. The objective of these games is to foster a deeper relationship between the parents and their kids which will in turn have positive impact on the academic performance of the children.

*Offer free food

The Parents Night is filled with so many movements and activities, providing parents with healthy snacks and drinks will be a great idea. These snacks can be prepared with the students the afternoon of the Parents’ Night. This will be an exciting moment for the students even if they will not be around in the evening. Parents will also appreciate the offer and more at home with school.

Parent night is a very important event for the teachers to get acquainted with parents and also seek their support in the teaching and learning process of their children. It should therefore be approached with a high level of deliberateness and purpose.