Part Time High School for Dedicated Students

High School Part-time

High school part-time requires placing ego on the back-burner. It might help to make this happen if you live in a different area than where you attended school in the past. You will need to put academics as the sole goal. There may be other options than traditional high school.


The traditional age of students graduating is 18 or 19 years of age. Some could allow themselves to continue to attend school after fellow freshman students have graduated. As the time went on and they were not going full time the other student left them behind earlier. At a truancy hearing a young man came in and had unexcused absence but was also 21 years of age. He proved that he did want to graduate because he stayed no matter the age and was close. We knew he would return to school and get to graduation with a simple warning.

Traditional Night School

Some school district offer classes that begin when the traditional school day end. This can allow students to take classes and work while working a day job. The night classes can be interspersed with some day classes if the student has a job requiring classes before and after employment.

Online Education

The time of part time education most would not realize is actually occurring is online education. In Washington State, the Supt. of Public Instruction offers an online high school, Insight. The University of Phoenix Online operates it. Students can take classes at their own rate. The University of Phoenix platform for classes is that students log on when convenient for the student. Other people at work or social life would not know of the rate of completion. This offers the most discreet option for the student for whatever the reason.

GED vs. Traditional

Students may want to leave traditional education behind and take the GED test and enroll in GED preparation classes. The option may work if the student is going to enroll in post secondary training program, but at this time cannot attend school full time because of health or employment. By traditional standard, some education might view the option as not attending high school but it might keep educational goals in the forefront.


Students may want to attend traditional high school part time, take online classes at first and than move to entirely online or mixture of night school and online education. If progress does not occur fast enough, the G.E.D. might occur as the solution.

Part-time high school education is for the individual who wants a diploma no matter how it occurs. The options are many and can change as education progress and the problems change.