Peer Pressure how it can Affect Grades

Peer pressure is one of the those things that you can’t really avoid in life. Whether it be in school, or in life in general, there will always be some sort of peer pressure out there. There are some things that you can do to minimize the consequences of the peer pressure, but there are some times when peer pressure is hard to resist. There are all kinds of things that peer pressure can effect, and your grades are no exception.

Grades are the one thing that you need to have a successful school career, and a good life after school. School is only beneficial if you learn things, and grades are one of those things that determine what you have learned. While not always a perfect tool, it is the only way that we have to objectively measure how a student is performing.

With that in mind you have to understand what peer pressure can do to grades. Obviously people are going to be making fun of the smart kids, and the one thing that kids want to do is fit in. If kids feel like it isn’t cool to get good grades, or there might be a negative stigma to getting good grades, a child is less likely to want to do homework.

Obviously this isn’t true, but the truth means nothing when it comes to kids fitting in. Everyone wants to be the cool kid, and if the cool kid doesn’t get good grades, or doesn’t do homework, others may follow suit. As a teacher, or as a parent, you have to make sure that your child is doing the best they can because at the end of the day the grades really do matter.

I think that most kids will grow out of that eventually. I remember in elementary school kids might have gotten some flack for being too brainy, but by middle school I feel like most of the kids were really smart. My school district seemed to be pretty competitive and to be smart was actually something to be proud of. I was never really a great student, but I think it was more due to the fact that there weren’t any classes about the NFL.

Grades are important, and getting good grades is a matter of success in life, or not having success in life. Always do your best, and make sure you take advantage of the education that you are getting. Not everyone gets a chance to go to school in this world, and so you should be thankful that you can.