Peer Pressure how to Find Friends with Similar Values

Finding friends with similar values can be a difficult and harrowing task. Students can feel peer-pressured to associate with people whom they do not necessarily get along with, and this can lead to various conflicts. In order to avoid these conflicts, you should think about finding friends who are similar to you, and with whom you can easily get along. To do so, you may try the following pieces of advice:

1. Be friendly and talkative

Don’t be afraid to ask people if they would like to be your friend. In an age where direct communication is quickly disappearing in favor of “indirect” communication such as texting and the Internet, you should try your hand at making friends the traditional way. If you see someone who looks like a new student, befriend him or her. If you think that a person has similar interests, ask about them. For instance, do not butt into others’ conversation. This can make you look bad to them (though doing so might not actually be bad). Instead, wait until there are pauses and a bit of silence. Then, ask about what they have just been talking about. If they were talking about a concert that they recently saw, and the musicians are interesting to you, talk about those musicians.

2. Community affairs

Usually, if you are active in your community, you can easily find others who share similar morals and values. For example, you may like to volunteer. Many students choose to volunteer within their community because it is easier to associate with people whom they already know. So, you can find others who share your values, too, because people who volunteer usually have the same morals and values.

Be sure to keep track of community events. If there are fairs or festivals happening in your neighborhood, you should attend them. These places can be great for meeting people your own age who share your interests. Again, do not be afraid to communicate.

3. A friend of a friend

Sometimes, you can find really good friends through your already-established friends. If your friend would like to invite a new friend along, make sure that you help that friend feel welcome. Who knows? You might become the best of friends later on. Again, usually friends of your friends will most likely be your friends too. However, this is not the case for everybody.

Though these tips sound simple enough, they can be accomplished differently by different people. If you have any doubts, remember to just communicate in a friendly way. You’re sure to find friends!