Physics Computer Softwares Experiment Conquering Physics

Physics is somewhat resemble to Math, it involves many calculation. Sometimes they are tricky. Children who hate to physics usually hate mathematics. They feel if they cannot do mathematics well they cannot do physics well either. Actually, it is not always true. Some physicists in the world, though it is small in number, are not a good mathematician, such as Faraday. However, without a great skill in mathematics, he still could grab an excellent idea about electromagnetism and electrochemistry.

I am a physics teacher. I would like to suggest parents, to prepare their children in mathematics well. My experiences tell me that students who love math usually get good marks in their physics papers and tests. Many tuition programs are available in the worldwide nowadays. Why do you not take it as a chance to prepare your child’s future? Knowing mathematics better will encourage your children to conquer physics confidently. They will have no doubt to study their physics books. Furthermore, they will love the physics subject.

Physics is not only calculation. Physics is about knowing the beautiful of God’s creations and laws. Physics exists in our daily life. We always get in touch with it. Children must know when they release an apple, the apple will always fall down to the ground. It is a physics law. Their physical education teacher will teach them jump at an angle about 45 degrees to get the longest jump. Moreover, many other daily usage of physics principle can be used to motivate our children.

There are many books about physics using a few or no calculation at all. You can use this book to motivate your children to love physics. Much computer software can facilitate them. The software can help them in developing their understanding. The software provides so many artificial equipments that we can build a virtual laboratory or experiment sets such as experiment about waves, sound wave and many others. Using computer software is effective and cheap. We do not need to provide or take a real expensive experiment tools to carry out an experiment. Even the software sometimes is more easy to use than the experiment tools. Using software also reduce the time. We can use the time to observe and understand other things rather than squander it to set up the complicated tools.

Although the computer software may not give the precise result such as the real experiment does, if understanding the concept is the objective, they are more than adequate. In any cases, the computer software can do better that the real experiment. The software can simulate the best environment conditions for the experiments.

Many sites in the web demonstrate the physics phenomenon well and attractively. They also give relative complete information about the concept. The children will interest in it and time by time, they will understand and love it.

Other important thing is the skill of the teachers. Many teachers have insufficient understanding about the concept. This is true, mainly in developing and underdeveloped countries. They just give the students many difficult calculation physics problems. The students never understand the concept well. As the results, the students, your child, will hate physics more and more. So kindly send your children to a local reputable school for this reason.

Shortly, physics is easy to understand for the children if we provide all the book, software, movies etc about physics to them. Mathematics is one of the key to the success in conquering physics. However, if your children have no good skill in math, do not worry. You can give them the concept first. Meanwhile you can attempt to increase their mathematics skill. The children will get the confidence to solve the calculation problems later.