Pick on Reform Bullies

Are you the parent, teacher or school administrator of kids who pick on other kids? If you have this problem, there are ways you can solve it. You will learn realistic ideas to help reform bullies.

It is helpful to keep them from having an audience to egg them on. As a teacher, you should train your students to not incite their classmates to taunt or hit other students. As a parent raising more than two kids, you should forbid your kids from telling one sibling to hit another. Kids have less incentive to pick a fight if they do not have anyone to impress.

They need to be shown love. As their teacher or principal, you should love them and express your love to them. If you let them know you love them even as you discipline them, they will probably be more inspired to shape up, especially if they are currently mean because they do not feel loved.

It is vital to introduce a zero tolerance policy. As their parent, you can threaten to ground them for a future act of bullying. As their principal, you can threaten to make them serve detention or threaten to suspend and perhaps expel them for continued aggression. Kids will usually stop picking on others if they are told of the consequences they face for a repeat offense; however, if yours ignore your warning, you must discipline them.

It is helpful to be vigilant and keep an eye on the kids who are troublemakers. As their parent, you should watch them while they play outside in front of the house. As a school official, you must closely monitor them. If they see you watching them, they will be deterred from picking on other kids.

They might have a need for special help. You should require them to get anger management training, especially if they have not learned to control their impulses on their own. Learning anger management techniques from a professional might be the best thing for them.

They might need to be placed in a different setting. As the principal, you can send them to an alternative school for troubled students. Students who go there are more likely to behave and shape up because they are isolated from the general school population, they are “on a short leash” and they do not want to squander what may be their last chance to get an education.

Use these ideas to get your kids to stop being bullies!