Plagiarism is the act of copying another person’s writing and presenting it as your own work.

As text books and especially internet has become the main source of information for students, plagiarism has become more and more of an issue, now than ever before. Research projects, essays, and reports are almost always relying on an external source, whether it is a school textbook or the internet and this is why plagiarism has become such a large concern for all schools around the world. It has affected many students’ careers and will continue to for many years to come unless prevention is put into play. It has increased as a problem in a span of a few years by an incredible rate, as a major issue in modern day writing.

Trying to detect plagiarism in someones writing is a waste, and out of all of the pages you read in your life, you will only catch it a fraction of the time.

The most important thing about the prevention of plagiarism is by telling people what it is. The majority of people who plagiarize do not know what plagiarism is.

The easiest resolution to plagiarism is by citing your sources. Citing sources enables you to copy other people’s writing. As long as credit is given to the original writer, copying text from internet or books is available to use. If you cite a person’s work, then you are permitted to use their information. Citing sources is quite easy and does not take up much time. There are two ways to cite your sources. One is much more efficient than the other.

Citing Sources

Books- When citing a book you will need the authors name, title of the book, city of publication, name of publisher, and date (year) of publication.

Websites- When citing a webstie it is necessary to have the following: Author (if applicable), title of source, date site was last published, date of access, and the URL.

The more efficient way of citing your sources is by using noodletools. It is a very simple and efficient way to cite your sources and will save you some time. Learn more about automatic and quick citing at, I highly recommend it. to anyone.

Plagiarism has ruined many students’ lives. Especially in high school and college, it is extremely important to be cautious about the information you use outside of your own knowledge.