Plagiarism in the Classroom Prevention rather than Detection

The big question: Why is plagiarism so common within so many students in today’s society? The answers are numerous but they all link up to one reason: fear of their marks dropping, and getting in trouble or being looked down by others. Wanting the easy way out by having someone else do the work for them, and expecting to take the credit for it. No. the present generation of students have been going down through the wrong path and clearly not thinking for themselves as much as they want themselves and others to think they are.
Thinking that they are unable to accomplish such a task, how on earth have students been able to make their minds to think in a way of which they need to always rely on someone else or other resources to succeed when they can believe that they have superpowers or that one day people can live on Mars permanently. They have been clouded by seeing society’s over-excellence and thinking that they are not able the meet those expectations and qualify as one responsible and valued member of humanity. Students especially teens see only the outcome of many famous people and not necessarily the hard work and mistakes that they went through in order to get to where they are today.
Students think it is an easy life for them and that they are working too hard for no reason, leading them to believe that they can succeed in life alike those people who have an easy life as they are to be perceived and in turn imitate them as well. They may choose an illegal way to go through school as they believe that high marks equals to intelligence and gives the golden pathway to success and thus they do not think of the consequences and other negative aspects of not doing their own work. They have no faith in their own work, and think that making mistakes is not right as it will blemish their perfection and will ruin them.
They have to know that the process of learning requires them to make mistakes and for them to do their own work emphasizing their own opinions and see how they would solve problems if they were put into the workforce and real world. One way to do that is through teachers, they are one of the important people who can make a difference in a student’s life as they see them about a quarter of the day. Teachers can encourage students by telling them what they have done wrong, this does not mean that they have to be easy graders. Perhaps by showing that teachers are not perfect humans like many students assume they are, teachers can sometimes make mistakes on purpose and them explain to them about it perhaps adding in a joke or too. This causes students to have a more profound lookout on learning and notice that it is perfectly fine to make mistakes. They will want to do things on their own knowing that they can improve and stay away from finding the easy way out. Keeping plagiarism off their minds and learn in an efficient way in which they can learn from their mistakes.
Two, parents. Parents of students are the most influential people in a student’s life. Parents should not always expect that their children to get perfect scores or over the top report cards. Though this makes them proud knowing that they’re doing well and not having to worry, they should know that education requires mistakes to be made and fixed by students. They should encourage their children to feel comfortable around them talking about school and make themselves available to their children to help them with homework. Not only does this get them away from trying to think of not doing homework or copying, it also provides a chance for parents to know first hand from their child’s point of view of school and take notice of any issues associated with their child such as theft, bullying, or violence.
Three, themselves. No matter whatever anyone says, it’s up to themselves to decide what is right. Parents, teachers, councilors, and friends are only there to guide them and it’s important for them to know the consequences of their actions and to know what can benefit them in their future. Everyone around should know that they can only provide them so much and cannot force them to choose the choice they think is right. Telling them and giving them advice is the best way to show that they care but not in a forced way, talk and share views to create a strong relationship. This opens their mind and if they can do that and think logically then they will most certainly stay away from plagiarism!