Planning your High School Years to Maximize College Choices

Writing is the Way
No matter what profession a person decides to go into, he or she will always need to know how to write. Writing is a key skill that involves structuring one’s ideas in the best way possible to succeed in whatever the goal of the piece of writing is. Perhaps the work is meant to be a persuasive piece, a news article, a speech, or an English paper for school. No matter what, a strong background in writing is necessary if one is to succeed in college and in their chosen profession. The organization skills that come with learning how to write can also be helpful in other areas as well, such as planning a trip or holding a meeting in a proper, professional manner. This is why a class in my high school called English Scholars should become mandatory.

English Scholars is a class that is primarily dedicated to writing; it is similar to the common English seminar-style course offered and required at many colleges. The class covers everything from how to successfully use common literary elements such as description, comparison, and contrast to writing a documented essay. The skills that students develop in this class go beyond those necessary to analyze various works of literature. The abilities that are developed will no doubt help the students in college level courses (of course in English classes, but also in other courses with any amount of writing). Writing is not always for class papers, and English Scholars takes a realistic approach.

It saddens me that many students think they hate writing because the only kind they have ever been asked to do is for homework assignments, tests, and essays. Students should learn how to write for all the different areas, such as for speeches and pieces of news. It is my belief that more people would find they actually enjoy writing if they saw different types. As valedictorian of my high school class, I especially know how important writing for speeches is. Many students do not realize the drastic difference between writing for print and for speaking. The various types of writing have diverse writing styles, and students should be exposed to more of them in their high school careers.

The middle school in my town has required that every class involve writing in some way, and I believe this is a step in the right direction. Offering English Scholars is also a positive element of my town, but many students shy away from taking it because they are worried about the intense amount of writing, perhaps feeling as though they would not be able to handle it. What is worse it that the students who decline taking the class are probably the ones who need it most, and I believe the class should become mandatory so that everyone will be exposed to a writing intensive course before going to college or their chosen profession. Hopefully many will find that, like me, they do indeed enjoy writing.