You are a student at the local high school and you want to to offer your services to benefit the people within the community in which you live. You stroll around the main street and maybe you do some window shopping. That is a fun way to spend an afternoon but you also see a whole lot that is wrong or that which can be somehow improved.

As you walk from store to store you notice that many stores are vacant. There are people just standing around with apparently nothing to do. There is trash all over the street and the exterior appearance of many of the buildings leads you to believe that your community has become a slum.

You remember that the same place was bright and clean and you wonder why things have become so bad within such a short time. Then again, you were not able to get a part time summer job this year so that you could buy a few extra things for yourself.

Having a great deal of free time you resolve to do something that will improve the condition of the community in which you live. You see many people who appear to be homeless and you see a new homeless shelter that has taken the place of one of your favorite stores. You also feel bad about the fact that the children of adults who were evicted from their home have not been able to support themselves after they lost their primary means of earning a living.

Clearly, some foreign country or countries is waging an economic war against the people of the United States of America. That is what happens when our elected politicians allow foreigners to invest within our financial markets. There is no reason on Earth why the price of crude oil keeps rising. And where are our elected politicians when such economic extortion is taking place and continues for who knows how much longer?

There is no better time than now for you to become a political activist. You need the support of the majority in order to force those do nothing politicians to put things right again. Apparently they have an economic interest in what is now taking place that has caused the worse recession since the “Great Depression of 1929.” Greed is a terrible thing because tens of millions of people are now suffering the effects of such greed.

How much is enough, you wonder. All you know is that you are mad because you could not get a summer job and now someone has to pay for that fact. You resolve to become a politician and gain support of the people to make your community, as well as your country a better place in which to live.