Preparation for High School Begins at Home

High school is a fantastic bridge that lies between middle school and college that everyone must cross to get to the other side. It really is the land of opportunity if the student wants to embrace the possibilities.

1) Elective classes. Depending on the size of the high school, there are so many great elective classes today for students. There are usually several foreign languages, art classes, and even classes on web design. There really is something for everyone. It is only a matter of deciding which to take and if those classes fit into the schedule.

2) Activities. There are activities for nearly every interest. If the student doesn’t want to participate in sports, other possibilities include the school newspaper, drama, or the debate team. There really is a wealth of activities and clubs and every student should become involved in at least one.

3)Academics. Expect the length and frequency of assignments to increase. There will probably be a little less catering by teachers and greater expectation of independence. The turn-around time for major projects will probably be a little faster than in middle school.

4)College/career prep. Expect counselors, administration and teachers to emphasize that everything in the high school student’s records can be a factor in getting jobs, getting into college and winning scholarships. It is important to become a well-rounded student that will look attractive to future employers or college admissions. Make sure not to be careless with tardies and absences. If two students are equal in nearly every way in their applications, attendance can be a deciding factor. Take care of your grade point average. don’t fall one percent short of earning a letter grade. Just a little more effort and it will improve GPA.

5)Community Service/Volunteerism. Whether it is applying for college, scholarships or even just a part-time job, community service is often an important factor. There are usually clubs and organizations within the school that do community service as part of those memberships. Try to be involved in a service organization. It will demonstrate goodwill toward others and can be a great learning experience.

6) Know the state and school requirements for graduation. Often times the schools have more rigorous graduation requirements than even the state does. Make sure that you take the mandatory classes and elective classes that will fulfill these requirements.

Think of all the possibilities that lie ahead in this grand adventure known as high school. If you embrace these opportunities, high school can help you cross the bridge to your dreams.