Problems in Public Education

I agree with many people that learning in today’s schools can be a stressful and unfruitful task. There is too much emphasis placed on tests and scores that have little to do with the students true potential and knowledge. Teachers are allowed only so much leeway when it comes to discipline and control in the classroom. By the time most students reach the high school level they have become discouraged.

The above having been said I believe that the educators themselves have to share part of the blame. I have several teachers and two prior principles in my family and I know how tough being a teacher can be but I think there are harder jobs out there and so many educators today simply will not take the time to do what they must to improve the schools. I see so many teachers hitting the door to the parking lot before the last bell of the day has stopped ringing. They have used valuable teaching time for their own personal packing up and preparing to leave. This says to the students that they are not important enough to warrant the teacher’s fully paid time or attention. When I was in school, If I did not complete an assignment or did poorly on a test, my parents would be notified that day ,not six weeks later when it was too late to remedy. Yes I do believe that teachers deserve a personal life but theirs is not the only career that requires some work to be taken home. When my child did not complete her classwork I gave the school permission to keep her after school to finish it and was told that was not an option. I helped my children at home but sometimes they need to hear from other adults that not trying is unacceptable. I certainly heard it from my teachers.

I also see too many of today’s teachers bowing down to certain students and parents and letting material things get in the way of an education for poorer students. I do know many wonderful teachers and they are not in this category. Many of them are just as frustrated as parents when they see the quality of many educators today. I am not saying that these teachers are uneducated. They are in many cases simply lacking in the ability to truly care whether their students learn or not. They need to stop using excuses and get on with the job that has been entrusted to them or change their occupation. I think some of them have forgotten the term “it takes a village” if they ever knew it in the first place.