Profanity in Schools – Yes

I was somewhat taken aback when I saw that the majority of writers addressing this title have up to now answered no to this question. One mother in particular astonished me when she actually claimed to have done a study on the subject and offered a spurious argument based on what she thought was a freedom of religion and speech issue for why her son should be allowed to use profane language. Regardless of whether the name “Jesus Christ” evokes religious sentiments or not, the irreverent or flippant use of it has always been considered a profane use of the English language and along with vulgarity should not be allowed in the classroom. School is the one place where the inappropriate use of language should not be tolerated.

Children and youth today are often not held to the same standard of speaking and writing that was considered minimal just a few decades ago. The use of vulgarity and profanity is often nothing more than an extreme example of the development of lazy and ungrammatical language patterns. This is not simply the use of colloquialism or folk language; it is an expression of extreme ignorance and rudeness. Such misuse of the English language reveals serious lags in both intellectual and social development.

Beyond the improper use of English, taking Christ’s name in vain shows a level of disrespect for his followers on par with highly offensive racial and ethnic slurs. For followers of Jesus, it is extremely offensive; belittles their faith and alienates them from the person who uses such language. It should be considered a minimal token of respect to not use such language in a pluralistic society. This has little or nothing do with the fact that America is no longer a Christian nation – – it has to do with the most basic of courtesies towards a large portion of the nation’s population. In this era, so concerned with the politically correct use of language, it is difficult to comprehend why someone would even argue this point. It is simply a most basic form of good manners to avoid being stupidly offensive through such spurious usage of a name held sacred by literally billons of people throughout the world.

Schools have the delegated responsibility to educate our children in a manner that enables them to be positive contributors to the society which they are a part of. When parents or teachers hinder this process through a pseudo-liberal or pseudo-conservative agenda, they do harm to the efficacy of this mandate.