Prom Themes in 2012

High school prom is a monumental moment for high school juniors and seniors. They get in limos, ride to the dance, and enjoy the night. While prom can be fun regardless of the theme, there are a number of great musical themes for proms in 2012.

The End of The World

R.E.M. said it best in their smash hit song, ‘It’s The End of the World As We Know It’. 2012 is the year when everything comes to an end! The Mayans supposedly predicted that the world would end in 2012, so why not end it with a celebratory dance? This theme is also perfect because for all the high school kids graduating and going off to college, their “world” is also ending, as they start their new lives away from home! Students can get creative and dance their apocalyptic night away. 

International Love

The world is changing as we become a more globalized community. America is a melting pot, so why not celebrate our diversity at prom? The walls could be covered with pictures and other images from all different countries from all across the world! And playing ‘International Love’ by Pitbull would be a perfect song to play!

Sweet Dreams

There is nothing more pleasant than a wonderful dream. Why not create a prom theme that illuminates the beauty of peaceful sleep? Relaxing images of a night sky illuminated with stars could light up the room, with the shadows of people relaxing on hammocks under the night sky. With a tough economy and intense social and economic pressures happening in 2012, it would be nice to take some time to sit back and enjoy the little things in life, like the natural beauty of America. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to play ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)’ by Eurythmics.

Change the World

The world is in turmoil, with uprisings in the Middle East and economic turmoil at home. It will be up to young leaders to help solve the in the future many of the problems that have emerged in 2012. The theme can include futuristic images about how the world will be in the future, and how the new generation can change it. Plus, a slow song can be a nice slow jam of ‘Change the World’ by Eric Clapton.

These are just a few great prom themes that are creative and also incorporate great music throughout the decades. So have fun, pick your (auto) tune, and enjoy prom!