Prom Tips how to Host a Great Party with no Drugs or Alcohol

Prom is a once in a lifetime event for high school seniors. Some will think that it cannot be fun without alcohol or drugs, both of which are obviously illegal for students of this age. There are ways that you can have a great party without these.

Offer delicious food and drinks

Just because you are not offering alcohol and drugs does not mean that you cannot offer something great for kids to put into their bellies. Be creative and offer some fabulous food. You can offer fun appetizers such as mozzarella sticks and pastries. Of course you can offer an entire meal. A lot of kids love pizza, which is also inexpensive. You can have gourmet food that kids do not normally enjoy.

Do not forget some delicious deserts. You can go decadent and provide a chocolate fondue pot. Offer chocolate cake, cheesecake and pie. You can offer fun drinks such as banana milkshakes and strawberry smoothies. Have popcorn, chips with fun dip, cheeses and more. Make sure there is enough food for everyone to enjoy until their stomach’s content.

Great music

Teenagers love to listen to music. Make sure that you get a great playlist. If you have the money, then hire a disc jockey to spin some tunes for the kids. Let them dance. Try to find a person who can get the kids moving.

Create fun activities

If the students are up to it, then you can make some fun activities. For instance, you can set up some party games. There are songs that have dances built into them like the Electric Slide. The amount of guests and the personalities of the kids will dictate what you set up, but they may enjoy games. You can put up videos or a slideshow of the school years.

Create a great location

You want to find a nice place for your event. You can hang up decorations such as mirrored balls and colored lights. You can do something different and have it on the beach if the school is near one. People will be having so much fun that they will not even notice that there are no drugs and alcohol.

A prom party does not need to have drugs and alcohol to be a memorable event. When the event is over, send the kids home with a nice party favor such as a picture frame. Make sure that everyone understands that there will not be any drugs or alcohol at the party so that no one is disappointed and no one tries to bring anything that they should not. With work, you can make a great event.