Pros and Cons of Hiring a Private Tutor

There are many parents who choose to hire a tutor for their kid(s) in order to get them some extra help in certain subjects. This can be a wonderful idea or it can backfire miserably and make the child’s situation worse. If you are considering hiring a private tutor for your child, then read on for a comprehensive look at the positive and negative aspects.


One on one attention

This is the best part about hiring a private tutor; the one on one attention the child receives. School teachers do the best they can, but it is difficult to give 30 kids one on one attention each time they need it. A private tutor focuses only on the child they are tutoring at that time. The child actually knows they are receiving undivided attention and can feel better about the sessions.

Structured study time

The child knows what to expect and when to expect when they have a private tutor. They know they have to settle down and focus on their studies and have nothing else they have to worry about while the tutor is present. Many children do better when they have a structured schedule because they know what to expect.

Noticeable improvements

With one on one care, it is easier for a child to focus on their problem areas and achieve real results. Private tutors focus on those specific areas the child has issues with until the results are obvious. The other reason results are more noticeable is that the child has few, if any, distractions and this makes it easier for them to study. The child also has less pressure to keep up with fellow classmates because they are at home and not in the classroom.



Hiring a private tutor can be expensive if they are a professional teacher or in certain subjects. Most parents would love to say that they will spare no expense in achieving their child’s education needs and goals, but unfortunately expense is a concern for some parents. Every parent wants the best possible opportunity for their children, however sometimes the money just is not there to spend. 

Conflict of personalities

Unfortunately, there are times when the tutor and the child cannot get along very well. This poses a problem with the tutor being able to effectively teach the child. There are often personality conflicts in regular classrooms between students and teachers, however it is not as much of problem due to the presence of other students. Personality conflicts are much more of a problem when dealing with a one on one situation. Sometimes these conflicts can work themselves out if given enough time.


Students that live in the country may have a difficult time finding a tutor who is willing and able to travel out to their home on a regular basis. This can be a huge problem for students that really need the help but cannot stay after school because of where they live. Some tutors are older students who have conflicting schedules which prevents them from being able to regularly schedule tutoring sessions.

If you are thinking about hiring a private tutor for your child then it is very important to weigh the pros and cons like price and availability. There are several good things about private tutors like the one on one attention and the focus on the child. Of course there are some negative things about it as well, like possibility of conflicting personalities and scheduling conflicts.