Pros and Cons of Small High Schools

I am currently a Senior at a small High School so I can speak from experience when writing this article. I am going to list the Pros and Cons separately in an organized fashion to allow for better viewing and evaluation. Personally I feel restricted by the size of my school. First of all to get an Idea of how small my school is…my Junior class had around 90 students in it. Our High school and our Middle School are connected as one building. I live in a village, not even big enough for a town.


Small Class Size – Its good having a small class because you get to know everybody and I do know everybody in my class. Unlike most schools where you might not see a single person all day or even know someone in your class, I basically see everyone everyday and know everyones name, first and last.

Less Teachers – With a smaller class, teachers get to know each student and develop a teacher-student relationship that is probably better than at larger schools. At smaller schools you can each teachers for help and they know what kind of student you are and what you need help at.

Less Crime – At my school there are really no cliques, we all just fit the same category. There are no extremely bad kids who vandalize or bully. We do have some “rough” kids, but there are no gangs and everyone pretty much gets along.


Sports – My school has low funding and cannot afford to offer the sports other schools can. I am restricted athletically by being denied a Tennis, Bowling, Swimming, Mens Soccer, Hockey, and Lacrosse team. Our school has low population so the teams that we do have are usually bad. Also if you are a very good athlete you have a worse chance of getting noticed by colleges. I personally know a Softball pitcher who has had countless perfect games. She is extremely good and dreamed of playing college softball. Although she did get into a college she is only playing division 3. If she was in a larger school that played other larger schools she may have been able to achieve a division 1.

Academics – I have been extremely frustrated this year when I find that I have scheduling errors. I had to reschedule by dropping some desired classes and pick classes that I don’t even want. First of all, the class offerings are very limited. At smaller high schools you will only find basic classes like chemistry and algebra. There is also a smaller staff which is probably normal for having a small class.

Well as you can see there are some goods and bads of my small High School. It is probably a lot different from a larger school. I personally do not enjoy the size of my school because it restricts my options and future by limited classes and sports. It is ultimately up to the parent to decide what is best for the child.